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Highly Recommended: The Bluepoint Restaurant Duck, NC

At the sideyard bar, ask for Mr. Andy Mason.

9 thoughts on “Highly Recommended: The Bluepoint Restaurant Duck, NC

  1. My son has been to the OBX a few times and has mentioned Duck, NC – I’ll ask him about the Bluepoint. This is a great photo of you – perfectly attired!

  2. Chris,
    Hope the weather is to your liking in OBX!
    Love the Blue Point! Was there last month when we spent our week in Duck.
    The original, much smaller Blue Point was started by a couple of Richmond guys, don’t know if they still have any ownership.

  3. Mr. E.
    Truly cool summer dressing. Never been to Outer Banks,it looks beautiful.

  4. Dearest Mr. E,

    What a fine image to greet visitors. The penultimate summer stance – fine sartorial selections, stylish shades, cocktail in hand and a smile that dazzles.

    What could be better. Love that part of the world and you do look smart.

    The epitome of Easy and Elegant. One might say you’re living your brand.

  5. Where did you find this great blue shirt with 2 pockets à la safari…pray tell.
    I have been looking for such shirts and have yet to find one to my liking.

    Merci beaucoup, cher Élégant !

  6. Pierre, de rien. Believe it or not, That was a Target find two years ago. Linen, good weight. The stitching is a bit off though. If you’d like one, I can make it for you. But it’ll be around $150-200 USD. $100 come back though with your first order after you register and put up the initiation fee.

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