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Happy Independence Day

From all of us here at The Manse (and Mrs. PvE especially).

5 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

  1. The rendering of the manse is lovely…loose, casual, and charming. The bunting is terrific, and the style of your home lends itself to such a classic display of patriotism. You are a good citizen and it is commendable that you set such a sterling example for others!

  2. In years to come… if you should plan an Independence Day gathering, you could print some of these up and use them as invitations, or leave them at the door to guests to take with a greeting from you and Mrs. E.

  3. Fine idea Paul. I am sending a thank you note for an Independence Day party and will use one of the card to do so.

    SwF, I’m one of a great many flying the flag here in Central VA.

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