Fly Virgin

Kala delivers a portfolio of non-alcoholic beverages for those who would never confuse “virgin” with boring or childish.”

Mrs. E. and I are enjoying a summer of lemonade or sparkling water. At least for those weekdays when there are no social functions to attend. Delicious, delightful and child-friendly. We tend to stay away from overly sugary drinks. The kids can burn off the calories in an afternoon; it takes us a bit longer. Besides, I don’t really have a sweet tooth, preferring savouries and salty, crunchy treats. But just as I like to switch from a martini to a good single malt (aren’t they all?), it would nice to have a number of choices in the non-alcoholic area.

Enter Brohammas, intrepid road warrior, blogger, rugby player, artist and all around fine fellow. Oh, did I mention that he doesn’t drink? Well who else would you want to craft an adult soda? I’ll place my order today. Come fly with me. (Now if he could just do a diet version… sweetened with stevia or something….)

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