Causes: Help Eliminate PoverTy.

Via a press release… If you must buy a t-shirt for outerwear, consider this.

Don’t Give Up On Brazil

If 5 million people buy a Farofa Nation Tee, 15 million dollars will be donated to help the children of Brazil

Farofa Nation is a t-shirt and design company founded by husband and wife team Serge Castagna and Ana Testa Castagna. They partnered with TASK BRASIL, an incredible organization whose goal is helping “street” kids become citizens of the world by showing them self-reliance and responsibility. Farofa Nation donates 10% of all t-shirt sales to TASK BRASIL, working to help children of Brazil escape poverty.  All t-shirts are designed by different artists from around the world, bringing the collective consciousness to life.

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2 Responses to Causes: Help Eliminate PoverTy.

  1. The funny thing is, Brazil is arguably in much better financial condition than is the US. And yet Americans are still expected to pony up to support the world’s children. LOL!! The madness continues.

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