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A Sense of Style

Sometimes it’s good to swim against the current, develop your own style and stick with it. Actually, that’s the only way. It shows some grounding, a sense of self, your sense of style.

And sometimes, life, a director, your own warped sense of humour throws a curveball your way. This has been a summer of … what? I’m not sure. Experimentation? Slacking off? Realignment? So herein, in no particular order, are a couple of things I’ve been up to one crazy summer.

When the Howard Hawks wanted Cary Grant to play past the elegant man-about-town and come across as bumbling, he had his hair cut into 1950’s scientist/academic.

Mine was getting in my way when I worked out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It’s convenient. It’s easy. I look younger…. it does make me want to dress in nothing but very traditional togs, or go unshaven with white jeans and purple driving shoes like those guys in Milan. At least for this summer.

Summer always makes me think of the Côte d’Azur. Which makes me think of this movie.

Grant wore his own clothes through the movie. No makeup either. Just a killer tan and an unforgettable sweater.

Friends transitioned back Stateside from a diplomatic post in Madrid and happily brought along this little thing that I saw on sale at Hackett. Mine’s blue though.

Now for a red polka-dotted neckerchief. Or maybe I’ll wait until next summer’s whims strike.

9 thoughts on “A Sense of Style

  1. Sorry, did I miss the name of the film? I really should be more familiar with Mr. Grant’s roles. Thanks.

  2. Great haircut and you do look younger! Love Cary Grant movies – and his clothes were perfect. Thanks for sharing your summer and new look.

  3. 1950’s scientist/academic…I like this description. You know how I feel about short back-n-sides. Go for it! Own it!!

    I am wondering if you could publish a post on Côte d’Azur style, covering the basics. There must be more to it than striped jerseyes…? I share the same interest, but my experience there is limited to school holidays in the 1980s/early 1990s, plus a passing interest in the Murphys.

  4. Very nice hair cut. Did you describe it to the barber, or was this the barber’s own idea here? Did you show the barber a picture, or were you able to describe what you were after in your own words.

  5. Ah yes, “Monkey Business” – “Ya gotta have a war dance if you’re going to scalp somebody!”

  6. LBT — a fine idea. Thank you!

    Paula, we work well together. I actually go to a salon, believe it or not. I told her that I wanted to go short, but not high and tight and have it long enough to push around a bit. Ta-dah!

    barG, thanks. I was feeling the need for a little old-fashioned pattern layering.

    Paul, thanks! Now the question begs, how to transition this fall?

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