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The Icon Collection: Summer’s White Trousers

Happy Summer! Wear ’em if you’ve got ’em.

And if you don’t, please consider commissioning a pair of white trousers from The Easy and Elegant Life Icon Collection.

They are iconic in their own right. Summer calls for white trousers. Not the heavier summer flannels if you live in a hazy, hot and humid part of the world, as I do. No, we need a breath of fresh air now and again. Linen, a favourite fabric, wrinkles easily. Silk, which does a bit better, wears too warm. Wool, which is wrinkle resistant, just doesn’t scream summer by the sea. But a combination of the three will take you from the city ballgame to the country cookout, to your Uncle’s yacht club whilst you’re congratulating him on his finish in the Newport to Bermuda race. (Go Regatta!)

Wear them with a double breasted navy blazer and an open necked blue striped shirt, a wheat coloured sportcoat with a sky blue overcheck and a navy tie, or a tennis shirt. Somewhere it’s time for sundowners on the veranda.

For your consideration: The Icon Collection Summer White Trousers in 75% wool/15% linen/10% silk. Unlined to catch the breezes. London side tabs, plain front, extended waist band, shirt grippers, coin pocket, two back pockets (one buttoned) and a hidden pocket in the waistband for that spare $100 you won on your Uncle’s finish in the race.

Summer’s White Trousers on sale, made to your measure USD$350 (regularly $425)

7 thoughts on “The Icon Collection: Summer’s White Trousers

  1. Lovely. A perfect pair of summer trousers and well cut to your physique.

    Alas I’ll have to make do with my American Living from Jacque Penne’version of whites. The budget is currently blown on shoes as you turned me on to Martegani, you devil.

  2. brohammas, Oxyclean is my friend. They make an instant pen. Same for SHOUT! wipes. And if they get too close, I pick up the kids and let the shirt take the hit.

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