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More Tone-On-Tone Casual

Another day with a house full of family and a few dozens errands to knock out. Tonight Mrs. E. and I will attend a fundraiser for “Fetch-A-Cure” where the dress code stipulates “smart casual”. I won’t be as casually dressed as I am this morning in tan and white seersucker trousers, a tan knit shirt, brown and white spectators by Martin Dingman and saddle belt. This is simply an effort to dress up a bit more than I have to given the nature of the day. A white linen shirt would up the style quotient a bit more and bring the focus a bit more from the spectators up to my face.

I’m fighting mightily the impulse to buy a wonderfully subtle Visconti paisley shirt at Leviner Wood for that unexpected touch of whimsy (no one expects it from me!) I think it might be the black and white spectators this evening. Whether or not they will be accompanied by the full white linen suit remains to be seen.

3 thoughts on “More Tone-On-Tone Casual

  1. Indeed, Mr. E, you look “smart” and “casual”–
    have a great day.

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