ICON Collection Checked Shirts S/S10

(Remember to click through the pictures twice to enlarge the photos.)

(The grey check with a contrasting collar is a personal favourite.)

(Platinum line fabrics are a bit pricier. See below.)

Add a bit of light-heartedness to your wardrobe without sacrificing elegance. Checked shirts in cool wearing broadcloth look marvelous under blazers and with summer suits in poplin or lighter colours of wool. For casual wear, I recommend button down or hidden button down collars and for wear with suits (or on their own!) I like contrasting English wide spread (cutaway) or club collars and cuffs.

The ICON Collection Checked Shirts are now available to the membership.

Raft of three custom grade broadcloth shirtings, made-to-your-measure USD$500

Raft of two custom grade shirtings and one platinum grade shirting, made-to-your-measure USD$500

Raft of three platinum grade shirtings, made-to-your-measure USD$774

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7 Responses to ICON Collection Checked Shirts S/S10

  1. pve says:

    I see you have dotted all your i’s and checked and balanced all your checks!
    I love checks for summer – stripes and dots too.

  2. barG says:

    Checkmate! Love the blue with white check. #3–is it tattersall?

  3. Paula says:

    I love the word ‘tattersall.’ Same with ‘grosgrain,’ ‘pique’ and ‘boucle.’ And does anyone but me remember dotted Swiss?? I wonder how that name originated? The language of textiles is great! I wish I could make a living running a fabric shop, including a fine selection of ribbons.

  4. Paula says:

    Correction– I have misspelled tattersol.

  5. Karena says:

    The language of fabrics is wondfully inspirational!
    Love the selections of summery fabrics.

    Art by Karena

  6. Hi barG, The red is gingham, the rest are checked. Tattersall is based on horse blankets and looks a bit different. Regularly spaced rectangular plaid around 1/2″ that features two dark coloured lines on a light background. The helioblue and Platinum are the two closest, although they wouldn’t be considered traditional.

    Paula, you got it right the first time, despite what the tag says on the Platinum shirting.

    Karena, I’ve always wanted to name colours!

    Mrs. PvE, things have gotten very loose around here these days…

  7. The Architect says:

    I’m addicted to Vetiver (by Guerlain) which I’ve splashed on for 30 years now. Described as giving off a burst of citrus – both fresh and clean – Vetiver smells more like soap. Nothing in the world makes me as happy as waking up, the morning after, to that faint whiff of Vetiver on my pillow case (no matter how dirty I’ve been – at least I always smell clean).

    Try it.

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