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Fathers Who Know Best

(Image: CBS/Photofest and used without permission. Let me know….)

… will tell you that they like a bit of time for themselves.

I have a friend, my priest actually, who, once a year on Father’s Day, spends the day with the Sunday New York Times. He does so with his wife’s blessing (doubly so… they met in Divinity School) and the collusion of his children.

Another old friend grabs his fishin’ rod and casts about the creek in the back yard.

If your dad/husband/significant other is one of those kind of guys, let him wander a bit on Father’s Day.

But what about the other sort?

Spoiling a dad on this Hallmark holiday is easy. Relieve him of the pressures of being a responsible, grown-up, parent. And if that means you and the kids kick around a ball, or ride bikes to the baseball game, pop some corn for the World Cup, tinker around with the car/bikes/cabinetry and listen to endless lessons about the process or just lie around the pool with him, so much the better. After all, it’s because of the kiddos that he gets this dedicated day. Play a bit, lay low for a bit, relax a lot.

Oh, and starting the day with an easy and elegant breakfast made with fresh orange juice, ground coffee, eggs and some sort of meat isn’t a bad idea either. At least around the Manse.

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4 thoughts on “Fathers Who Know Best

  1. The Father of the Day at this house is much beloved and highly acclaimed by all who know him. Not only is he a pillar of strength, he also pulls rabbits out of hats–regularly. Nothing is more elegant than a wise, kind, loving, loyal and hard-working (and funny) husband and father. I am so blessed, and so are our children. The ‘secret’ Sunday breakfast is in the works–kids are cooking his mother’s recipe for buttermilk pancakes (with blueberries) and pepper bacon on the grill out in the back yard. We suspect he knows, but he will still act surprised . . .

  2. Happy Father’s Day to you Mr. E. No doubt yours will be an elegant one.
    Best wishes,

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