Date Night Blues

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It was warm last Saturday evening. But that wasn’t going to stop us from enjoying our evening out. This was a makeup date for the weekend before, when an excess of …. errrr …. high spirits Friday night prevented further celebration the next day.

I had made reservations at Can Can Brasserie in Carytowne, a favourite haunt for its ambience, staff, wine list and consistently solid food. There only remained to choose a suit and tie and meet Mrs. E. who was returning from yet another graduation based function. Logic dictates that you should wear a lighter suit in warmer weather, but really, with the weights of cloth these days, most are approaching year-round. As it was threatening to rain, I didn’t think we’d choose to sit outside, which meant air-conditioning. Enter the navy blue Hackett above, fresh from the alterations tailor, as deeper blues look very good under artificial light. It is an open weave, matte fabric which I suspect has a bit of mohair to it. I like the way that it swallows the light. My usual choice is for a white, spread-collar, French (double) cuffed shirt and links. That evening I decided to wear what I normally think of as a “day shirt”, a lovely stripe in a Zegna fabric made for me by Leviner Wood. I paired it with a black spotted tie — far too daytime serious — and settled on the grey satin solid seen in the photo. It works in the opposite way from the suit, reflecting light. Opposites attract.

“You’re doing it right,” said Bob, the sommelier. “Out on the town, dressed up… .”

Aside from the kids on a prom night date, I may have been the only one in the restaurant in a tie that evening. The same held true for Secco — the wine bar — where we had a Champagne nightcap. No, I wasn’t obeying dress codes, but I felt great in my date night blues.

When choosing your date night suit, consider your dressiest dark blue and pair it with a satin tie.

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