White for Day. Black for Night.

Whilst we all wait none-too-patiently to pull on the white linen trousers and gaze admiringly at the freshly polished spectators poised on the shelf, I thought I’d take a moment to look at the flip side. Let’s think in terms of black and white.

I love my whites. It’s hard to feel anything but a bit of a rake when clad head to toe in the stuff. During high summer, you may catch me wandering around barefoot (indoors anyway) in white linen trousers and a white open-necked shirt, brown leather belt. And with a good tan, you positively gleam in the twilight. “Smiles everyone. Smiles!”

But what about the opposite end of the spectrum? How do you feel about all black? Stylish or no? I think stylish. But let me clarify my position. I saw two women today who were dressed in all black, aside from belt, bag and shoes. Could a man pull that off for a casual night out?

Yes and no. Exhibit A.

Not a big fan of this look (sleeve length aside.)

Far better is a more casual approach. At least in my opinion.

Take one part trim cut casual polo shirt:

(Black Polo Ralph Lauren Custom Shirt with black pony and monogram)

Add one part black, flat-front trouser in cotton (chino) or linen.

(Polo Prospect Chino. Get ’em while you can)

Finish with ADG’s brown hoof pick belt.

And a pair of saddle tan leather sandals, at the beach, or driving shoes in town.

(Tod’s Gommino’s at $425… or head to Lands’ End and pick up a pair of driving shoes for a bit less.)

Since it’s summer, don’t forget the sunglasses… tortoiseshell or gold rimmed aviators to show off the tan.

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Search the site for the perfect burger recipe!

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