I’ve got all sorts of interesting things keeping me busy of late. So please forgive my late postings or absence from the scene altogether, all will be clear shortly.

Yesterday, after dropping off the kids at school and before working out, I ran a quick errand to the dry cleaners. I was of course dressed in my workout gear. Which is exactly when I should least want to bump into a new acquaintance. Marvelous guy — charming, very tall and distinguished looking. He’s Canadian, works in New York and lives here. His wife has appeared on Broadway and has a music career. He was on his way to New York and was dressed in a check sportcoat, blue shirt, trousers and brown slipon shoes.

Dressed for a 342 mile car trip. Inspiring.

Inspiration came later that day as well. Reading through the last issue of The Rake (very good by the way), I was struck by their continued use of colour. Maybe it’s spring fever, but since they publish from Asia, I imagine the weather is sort of always sunny and warm.

It certainly is sunny and warm this morning in Richmond, VA. Which made me want to add a little colour into my clothing. And since I was inspired to dress a bit better than I had to by my Canadian friend, despite my not having to go anywhere at all today, I’ve added to my light grey suit a pink shirt, yellow and grey tie and …. light pink socks.

Now before you rush out to buy your Papal pink hosiery (if they even make them anymore), I should mention: pink socks aren’t elegant. Unless they are accompanied by an equally pale pink linen, seersucker or silk shantung suit. Playful, yes. Extravagant, sure. Elegant, no.

Elegance is restrained and always correct. Jeeves, Wooster informs us, is rather hidebound in the matter of legwear. But today I was feeling playful, extravagant, unrestrained and very spring-like.

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