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The Levi’s 501 Blues

Dieting Tip #1: Diet + Exercise = Results.

Dieting Tip #2: Buy Levi’s 501 Shrink-to-fit Buttonfly Jeans. Wash immediately and be sure to dry.

Levi’s Buying Tip #1: Buy 501’s one whole size larger in the waist and TWO inches too long.

It’s breezy in here. I’m going to put on some socks and try and start a new fashion trend.

Mutton, mutton, mutton.

16 thoughts on “The Levi’s 501 Blues

  1. Aren’t you supposed to wear it during the shrink to fit wet and dry process?

  2. Anil, same result. They come up at least two inches. Probably should have drip dried them, but the last pair I bought was in 1984 and one forgets these things.

  3. I’ve never understood what “shrink to fit” really means? are the jeans bigger than the size on the label when you buy them and they shrink to that size? Or, what??? I don’t wear jeans so this question may seem dumb, but please clue me in… . You can also purchase pre-shrunk 501’s, right? I think that would be the safest. Anyway, what is the occasion for the jeans?

  4. Jeans on you..isn’t that a sign that the end is near!!

    However, the waistcoat on the bookshelf, do tell-is that linen?

  5. Right on! Spring’s here, bro.
    Got your message. Unfortunately, these days are complicated –shit @ work plus ill mother.
    However, I feel inside like a curtis mayfield song.
    I’ll try to contact Friday next week, haven’t forgotten.

  6. Jen, the jeans are the size that they rad on the label but then shrink as they are raw denim. The idea is a perfect fit. Traditionally one sat in the bath with them on and then air dried them. Which I forgot.

    MAL, I’m all for modern living and want a great pair of jeans just to have in case. Or to pull on for the farmer’s market, etc. . In general, I live in khakis and linens when casual is called for. Yes, that is a cream, six button linen odd vest. Stay tuned!

  7. Cuff them a couple of inches and wear with wingtips sans socks, or with wingtip or lineman boots with scrunched socks. I’d also suggest brothel creepers with white socks but I think that would be akin to asking you to run before you can walk.

  8. As I said the last time I saw you on the web in jeans, you look unhappy so take them off asap.

    Do you know a fellow in R’mond named Roper?

    Best Regards,

  9. The continuing saga (conversation) on jeans seems to be going around in circles! I have never experienced any of the various issues you seem to be having with jeans. I am just not getting this. The only question the ladies ever have with jeans (or any trousers for that matter) is this: “Do they make me look fat?” Anyway, I wish you all the luck. 🙂

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