The (Champagne) Bucket List

Long time readers will know that a lot of bubbles have tickled a lot of noses here at the Manse. Mrs. E. just love pop, fizz, bubbly, shampoo, sparkling, call it what you will. I confess a deep delight in a glass of the stuff at brunches, luncheons and dinners. It was my standby in college when I didn’t know what to serve (or order) with dinner. There was a time when Friday’s called for either a martini with the guys or a bottle of Champagne with a date. Better Friday’s saw both.

I was in the habit of splashing out in those days, and my wine etiquette was lacking at best. Since I have learned to never fill a glass more than half full, but to fill it often, and to not top off a glass of bubble until there is no more than a sip left in the flute.

And yes, you may fill a flute closer to the top.

But my most egregious faux pas, the one that branded me as a neophyte and no competition for the gentlemen, was my habit of placing an empty bottle of Champagne back into the bucket upside down. I thought it was a natural signal to the waiter to bring another as things were looking dry.

I can only imagine the gritted teeth of the sommelier as I insulted both my guests and the noble bottle. At least I never snapped my fingers. My waiter friends would have dragged me through the kitchen door to explain why I should never have done that.

So, please, dear readers, the empty bottle goes back into the bucket in the usual manner. And while I’m on the subject, when at home, use the towel to wipe the water from the bottle, not to wrap it. After all, you’re not selling Dom Perignon and pouring Korbel. Finally, pouring from the punt (that indentation at the bottom of the bottle) is snazzy, but unneccessary. Hold the bottle by the base, pour and give it a slight twist to stop the drip. Wait for the bubbles to recede and fill the glass.

Your good health!

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