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Mother’s Little Helper

[Update: It occurs to me, would my readers who are mothers weigh in on what constitutes a perfect mother’s day? Or if you’re reading this on Monday, please leave a comment about your favorite gift/moment/etc. . Thanks!]

A very quick post today as I’m trying to get to the tailor’s to see a friend take possession of his first custom shirts. The guy looks like Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper’s love child and I can’t wait to see him dressing the part. He’s almost there as it is.

This weekend is Mother’s Day and Mrs. E. will be spending it romping about with the children. After all, she reasons, she doesn’t qualify for the holiday without them. So, rather than a tranquil day, we’ll let her root about the garden and then take her for a glass of bubbly and wile away the afternoon.

If your wife is the sort who needs a little downtime this weekend, you’re needed to play Mother’s little helper and set a breakfast tray Saturday night. A single stem in a bud vase, a fresh baguette/tartine with butter and jam, a French press coffee pot with a little cream on the side, fresh squeezed orange juice, a linen napkin and a note. Sunday morning, put some delightful classical or light jazz on the stereo and take the kids for a bike ride or to the park for a few hours.

And you might as well queue up a chilled bottle of bubble for late afternoon… it is a celebration.

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Little Helper

  1. This is a great idea! My wife is celebrating her first Mother’s Day, and this would ensure that it will be one she remembers!

  2. I shall print this out and leave it in a random spot.
    My husband just said we will go out, and I replied, Horrors – let’s not.
    I hate how it becomes a scene – really it is just another day for Mother.
    I love b’fast – a liesurely one….

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