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Formally Comfortable

My tailor Larry and I were just discussing this the other day. I firmly believe that more people do not dress because they think that it’s too much effort and that they will be uncomfortable. Comfort is the driving factor in clothing ourselves after all. We need to be warm, protected and able to move freely. It’s been this way since Chanel revolutionized women’s clothing by getting rid of the whaleboning and corsets. Armani really made a difference in men’s suits when he deconstructed them. Super 300’s will continue the trend to gossamer like fabrics.

It’s no secret that I love to dress. And I really love formalwear. Which is why, on a trip through London, I paid a visit to Budd Shirtmakers for that little number you see above. Because (as the song goes) when the thermometer goes way up and the weather is sizzlin’ hot… I’m in pretty good shape in marcella (piqué) front, voile sleeves and back.

I wouldn’t dream of removing my coat, of course.

This summer consider having a formal shirt made from voile, batiste and extra-long-staple cotton. You’ll be glad you did as you catch the evening breezes.

5 thoughts on “Formally Comfortable

  1. Brilliant idea! I agree about the perceived comfort of not dressing up. People seemed surprised when I show up at weekend events and I’m not wearing jeans.

  2. Well played; I’m a fan of the voile shirting offered at both Budd and Turnbull, particularly as mine are age-tested inheritances

    Are you a fan of the pleated kind?


  3. Hello all i saw the shirt above and fell in love im a woman getting married in may can you please give me the exact info on where to get this shirt…i went to budds site and couldn’t locate that exact one…tremendouly appreciative

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