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Café Crème

Hazy, hot, humid, hurried. Those have been my days of late. Spring has been unseasonably warm and busy for us. Last night’s authors and books dinner (A Junior League affair in its 65th year!) was very interesting and enjoyable. Getting out of the parking deck, less so. Suffice to say, it was a late night for Mrs. E. and me.

Today, of course, dawned bright and early with my son leaping into the room at 5:55 am, the knowledge that it is trash and recycling day slowly creeping into my brain and the fact that I have a doctor’s appointment which requires me to fast.

I am longing for a good breakfast. Or a café crème at least, to take the edge off. This is the only time I consider adding anything to my coffee. Which means I’m hungry. A mixture of cream, tan and white, which I will recycle all summer, is very pleasing to the eye. Comforting, like that cafe crème. The key to its success is, in my opinion, the patterned trousers. They are tan and cream houndstooth. A variation on this look is to wear your tan and white or grey and cream seersucker jacket with khakis and (later in the summer) mix in your white bucks. If you do dress casually for work, this sort of tonal dressing can look very smart. Or at least like you weren’t swamped in a flurry of activity trying to get out the door.

Which I am. Ciao.

12 thoughts on “Café Crème

  1. In the evening, perhaps you could enjoy a “white russian” – or a baileys –
    Funny, I drink drinks for the appeal of the color. I love white, cream and tan.
    You are glowing and I do hope your day follows suit.

  2. I love the layers of natural colors you wear here, and white/cream/khaki are my signature look. I prefer these calm classics over and above black and white. The most glorious shade of cream/tan is that of a Palomino pony–a beautiful color that only exists on these horses–and on the occasional Hermes silk scarf. Add a brown watch band and brown strappy sandal for the ladies . . .and a great pair of sunglasses . . .

  3. I like the Mucha poster. Do you mind divulging where you obtained it?


  4. Paula, perfect!
    Paul, thanks!

    Hilton, a small flea market in France. We have two. They were the first approved lithos by the artist (as the story goes) and were from a mechanic’s garage calendar.

  5. Looks great, Mr. E. Off topic, but was just curious about the tiny object on the floor looks like a toy.
    Creams, camel, tan are classic and elegant.
    Good luck at the doc!
    Best wishes,

  6. What a pleasure it would be to go through one’s day if the gentlemen surrounding one were as well turned-out as you. Sigh.

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