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Why Beauty Matters by Roger Scruton

15 thoughts on “Why Beauty Matters by Roger Scruton

  1. Beauty truly does matter.
    For some it will be all about the shock value, for others, it is an intrinsic value.
    I prefer the intrinsic, but it does not de-value the experience of the urinal.

  2. A very fascinating video Chris. I can appreciate many genres of art. Beauty is important and indeed in the eye of the beholder. Macabre or gruesome art for shock value is not what I yearn to create or view.

  3. Excellent video. Thanks for posting this.

    Our people, our civilisation, have the highest conception of Beauty, from pagan times until recently.

    I would argue, that we have not turned our back on Beauty, but rather surrendered the role of artist to the hostile Other, to outsiders who hate our heritage, our faith, our standards, and our vision.

    It’s quite simple really. People such as Scruton are useful, but I think they are unprepared to tackle the really controversial issues.

  4. Thanks for the video, I noticed Mr. Scruton’s book regarding beauty at my local booksellers. I would also like to recommend History of Beauty edited by Umberto Eco from my bookshelf.


  5. Mr. E:

    As Keats wrote in Ode on a Grecian Urn: “‘Beauty is truth; truth beauty.’ That is all ye know on Earth and all ye need to know.” I have a replica of the Towney Urn (Keats’s inspiration) in my law office as one of my inspirations. Keep up the good fight Mr. E. Know that others are too.

  6. I bought Mr. Scruton’s book Beauty over the weekend. Thanks again Mr. E. . What are your favorite clothing shops in Richmond? My mother graduated from Westhampton. I’m not too far away in Northern Virginia.


  7. Mediocrity and the cult of the self galore in today’s world that has enthroned wealth and fame above all other values. Mediocre contemporary architects, artists, designers, critics, writers, filmmakers, all greedy for quick-and-easy recognition and a share of the spotlight, in their relentless quest, have brought about gradual flattening of culture.
    Perhaps if Duchamp had had Michelangelo’s talent and perseverance he would have painted something beautiful and would not be currently and repeatedly associated with a white urinal… But maybe, he was too interested in being interviewed on TV while arrogantly puffing away on a cigar.


  8. Thanks Al. Corrected.

    Hilton, enjoy the read. Men’s stores? Peter Blair, as I know the owner socially. Franco’s for off-the-rack tailoring (he’s quite good). My tailor, Leviner Wood, for custom. For women’s, Philosophie in Carytown has some wonderful frocks. Halcyon and Bygone’s for vintage.

    Mrs. E. and I are refugees from the NoVA/metro D.C. area. And yes, sometimes we do miss the distractions available up there. But only sometimes.

  9. I’m in search of authentic Madras in the area. Any chance I may find a sport coat or pair of shorts in Richmond? Thanks in advance.


  10. Hilton — Nobody makes the bleeding stuff anymore that I can think of. Cape Madras is what the stores carry here. You can search Easy and Elegant for a link to them.

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