Wedding Beaux and Belles

(Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly at their Civil Ceremony, April, 1956. Snap/Rex Features/courtesy of the Victoria & Albert Museum. Via The Errant Aesthete‘s wonderful post.)

Grace Kelly: Style Icon opens this week at the V&A in London. I wish we could be there as I’m sure it will be a spectacle worth taking in.

Looking through some of the articles posted across the internet, I ran across the photo above at The Errant Aesthete’s on-line salon and thought what a lot it had to teach us.

Price Rainier displays perfect sartorial pitch with his daytime attire for his civil ceremony. We should take note. Until six pm, when it is permissible to wear black tie or white tie and tails, a dark suit is the best choice for your wedding.

It seems strange to say, but we don’t change our clothes for many occasions. Our goal is to be well-dressed at all times and if your suits are elegantly cut, you will always be appropriately dressed. For a festive event, you may choose to wear a flower through your buttonhole, a French (double) cuffed shirt and a shinier tie, but the basic “uniform” of suit, shirt and tie remains unchanged. The focus is always on the lovely bride (for all brides are lovely, it’s true).

The exceptions to this idea would be the full dress ceremony, like the church wedding that followed the royal couple’s civil service (it is standard practice in Europe to have both) for which a dress uniform or white tie and tails with ribbons may be the order of the day, or a beach wedding when blazers and white flannels or Nantucket reds would be festively appropriate. Mrs. E. and I were married on New Year’s Eve making black tie a suitable choice. It was after six, after all.

If you’ve a daytime wedding in your future, please do consider wearing your best cut dark suit. Just make sure that you visit your tailor first and that you never pin a boutonnière to your lapel (that’s what the buttonhole is for these days.)

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