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The Great Spring Stow-Away

Spring cleaning has begun with a vengeance here at the Manse, especially since our youngest child managed to inherit all the allergies from both sides of the family. Dust is the enemy. These are the weapons in the fight.

If elegance has anything to do with how well something functions, the Swiffer duster and sweeper family of products gets top marks. Easy to use, effective at picking up dog hair and dust, and disposable.

It only lacks a snappy jingle. I sort of sing along to the old Slinky jingle when I’m swiffering. “It’s Swiffer/It’s Swiffer/For dust it’s a wonderful toy…”

Even in a house the size of the Manse, the maxim “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” can be put to the test. Mrs. E. and I are not entrenched in the minimalist camp, which may be why vacations at hotels can seem so refreshing. Winter things still hang in the “pantry” and on the coat hooks. Now, it’s time to stow everything away — to give the joint a clean sweep as it were. In times like these, the tote becomes my best friend as it allows me to store things in the attic or the basement without fear of nesting squirrels or other urban fauna taking up residence in the clothing. Clear totes with locking lids, like this one from The Container Store, allow me to see what’s inside.

Finally, the perfect marriage of form and function. Kirby Allison of  The Hanger Project continues on his quest to make storage solutions worthy of your finest garments. The Luxury Garment Bag with its perfect 38″ length, heavy cotton twill, 4″ gusset and diagonal zipper is a thing of beauty that will actually enhance the appearance of your closet whilst keeping moths out of your favourite flannel suits. My tailor thought it so well made and handsome that he mistook it for a travel bag. I think using it as a single suit travel solution is a fine idea.

Now, I’m off to Lowe’s for some more plastic bins.

3 thoughts on “The Great Spring Stow-Away

  1. I love to clean. Immediate gratification, much like mowing the lawn. There is a certain sense of control over the uncontrollable when I sort, pitch, & store. We give away a great deal to the Goodwill Industries every year, and I have shopped there with my (formerly) high school daughter. It is the perfect shop for clothing for school plays, theme days at school, etc. Give it away, write it off. Stuffed drawers and packed closets are such an irritation. Orderliness really is next to Godliness.

  2. Speaking for college students everywhere, the Swiffer is brilliant. One dry cloth and one wet cloth, and I can clean the whole apartment. In fact, I think I’ll go do that now.

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