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E&EL Blooper Reels: Shopping Vintage and When We Used to Dress

Things for which we used to “dress up.”

1) A ball, charity event, dinner dance

2) Church/Synagogue

3) Work

4) The movies

5) The theatre

6) The symphony/opera

7) A date

8) Weddings and funerals

9) Travel.

Most people still dress for weddings and funerals, but a lot of those other categories have fallen by the wayside, sartorially. Which is good news and bad, if you’re at all like me; bad because I feel we’ve lost some decorum, good because the vintage/second-hand stores are goldmines of good tailoring if you know what you’re looking for. We’re lucky to have some great vintage stores here in Richmond. I have two favourites, Halcyon and Bygones.

Tonight is a launch party for GRID magazine #4. I was fortunate to be featured last issue and even more so to be asked to author a style column beginning with the issue being launched tonight. I had a great idea to do a piece on vintage finds and accompany it with some home movies. The videos of my visit to Halcyon weren’t framed correctly, but I thought that you might get a kick out of two of them.

So, for your viewing pleasure and amusement, unedited and uncut (I promise to get better or at least seek professional help), Easy and Elegant Life Presents:

7 thoughts on “E&EL Blooper Reels: Shopping Vintage and When We Used to Dress

  1. When I was growing up in the ’60s, we dressed up for basically everything. I remember getting ready to visit someone in the hospital one summer and being sent upstairs to change by my father because I was wearing shorts. I really do miss those days. Maybe we were a little too formal but I’d much rather society err on that side than on the way too informal side that most people claim.

    I was on an airplane recently wearing nice slacks and a blazer. My seatmates were a young pair with one shirt and one pair of shoes between them. Yes, it was just as charming as it sounds.

  2. All so true. I have even see people in the most casual attire you can imagine at funerals. Such disrespect!

    Art by Karena

  3. The videos were terrific! Only the sound was iffy–was there a motorcycle going by outdoors? You look much younger in video than still photos, so you might consider a career in moving pictures! 🙂

    The casualness at church is my pet-peeve. And the sloppy kids usually come in with their parents. Parents need to take charge, be adults, and put a stop to the entitlement mentality. So long as the kids are living at home and fully funded by M&D, make them tow the line.

  4. I second Paula for your movie career!

    I liked how you put forth your knowledge of these jackets/suits throughout both videos – I think with a bit more professional videography – the screen and scene is yours my friend!

  5. Thank you all very much. I’m a bit embarrassed as the videos were posted as a bit of fun. I’ll do more, but not until I can figure out a few things…

    Welcome Tracy D., and thanks. I think I will.

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