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Cast About for a Great Kitchen Griddle

(No fun to clean, but great results.)

It’s cool out today and I’m wearing a suit of 10 – 12 oz worsted, a tab collared shirt and tie. I do love spring, despite my allergies, as I get a bit more use out of my warmer clothing. But I know that spring gives way quickly (especially in Virginia) to summer and I can feel the beginnings of the lassitude that the hazy, hot, humid days will inspire. Already I am sockless, shod in Ropeysoles espadrilles sitting at the computer typing this (you do get a discount for being an Easy and Elegant Life reader!)

Thinking about dinner has me in a muddle. That summer lassitude is sneaking into my kitchen habits, too. I have a couple of artichokes that must be cooked and eaten, no real challenge there. I’d really like to do some lamb chops. It’s spring after all, and spring lamb loin chops are easy and elegant to prepare and serve. Especially if you grill them, which minimizes clean up.

I am, of course, out of gas for the grill and I really don’t feel like hauling the two empty containers to the store and trading them in for new ones. Now, I could pan sear the chops, or I could use that wonderful piece of equipment that my mom dragged back from Fauchon that you see above. It is a cast iron grill tray or griddle or something and it works wonders.

Technically, the tray will span two burners on my stove top and can fit a good bit of food across its surface. But it can spatter and leave me with having to clean the stovetop and the tray. So I prefer to use it in the oven. Because it is cast iron, I can superheat it, use it under the broiler and in a pinch, use my oven’s self-cleaning setting to burn off whatever is stuck to it. It also works well on my grill when I have foodstuffs so small that they fall through the rack. It’ll be out there soon enough as the kitchen is the hottest room in the Manse come summer and no craving will lure me into broiling, roasting or baking much of anything. Until then, whole fish, chops, burger, steaks, fillets and assorted vegetables are all fair game.

Highly recommended especially if your airconditioning works better than does mine. Amazon has a decent looking one.

Lodge Logic Pro 20-by-10-7/16-Inch Cast-Iron Grill/Griddle

3 thoughts on “Cast About for a Great Kitchen Griddle

  1. I have my Mom’s old cast iron skillet and then a modern one which works well –
    Then of course the grill outside, there is nothing like it as summer approaches.

  2. Mrs. PvE, is there anything better for cooking than a seasoned cast iron skillet?

    Will Horning, yup. Started with the concern for carcinogens. Love the charcoal flavour, but…

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