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Building On a Good Idea: StylesGroundUp.tv

[ed: I once wrote the copy for a website for a woman who I believed was going to be very successful. Ever meet a truly driven entrepreneur? It turns out that my beliefs were well founded. And now she’s sharing the wealth of her knowledge. See the email that I received below and good luck!]

Interested in business and perhaps starting your own? Want to connect with other business owners? Love WebTV?

I am writing to say that I hope you will join us MAY 20th CONTEST DETAILS AND EVENT RSVP . We are particularly excited about the local business owners and community members who will be attending.

Space is limited, so please reserve your ticket now.

Styles Fitness Group & RSVPhere.com Launch Web Series and Contest for Budding Entrepreneurs.

RICHMOND, VA (April 6, 2010) — Richmond is home to an artsy crowd, a bustling restaurant scene, cutting-edge medical advancements and most importantly serves as a launch pad for budding entrepreneurs. StylesGroundUp.tv – served up by two local business women is a new web series being launched this spring to highlight the “How – To’s” for executing business ideas.

StylesGroundUp.tv was created by two Richmonders:  Casey Burke Bunn is CEO and Creator of www.RSVPhere.com, a virtual invitation board where anyone can receive, personalize and respond to any invitation – print or web.  Her counterpart, Whitney Martin is owner of Styles Fitness Group in Richmond.   Together they have worked as entrepreneurs, borne the fruits of their hard labor and are now giving back to fresh business organizations with ripe business ideas to be launched. The spring brings a busy season as Bunn and Martin have extended their business savvy to this latest project, an online,  interactive web series to inspire all women to put fuel to the creative fire and run with a business idea.

StylesGroundUp.tv debuted on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 and featured a half hour-long episode of must-dos for starting or launching a business.  The web series airs every Tuesday morning.  This web series provides the most up-to-date resources from two already established Richmond Entrepreneurs. Each episode will include new ideas, checklists of tactics, strategies and trade tips on how to personalize your brand, manage brand awareness for your organization and create a niche market for your idea.

Culminating this web series, StylesGroundUp.tv will run a contest through May 10, 2010 for any entrepreneur or aspiring wannabee to pitch their perfected business idea and win a $1,000 grant towards the execution.  Winners will be called on the finale taping on May 20, 2010 at The Camel in Richmond, VA.  This contest allows entrepreneurs to collect trade tips, solidify their business idea, check in with these two industry experts and develop a solid event which can later be executed.  Ideas which can be launched, acted on or have recently been implemented are eligible to be considered for StylesGroundUp.tv contest.

All Entrepreneurs are invited to enter the contest by answering one question, “What’s the story behind your new unique business idea and why should we pick you?”  Email Whit@stylesgroundup.tv subject: CONTEST to enter and begin branding yourself.  Check out stylesgroundup.tv for full contest details and registration to the upcoming show.

5 thoughts on “Building On a Good Idea: StylesGroundUp.tv

  1. Hey there!

    The event and contest are open to everyone who has interest. There will be a VIP panel of judges.

    We hope the winner will be able to join us for the event, but we can have them Skype in if necessary. 😉



  2. How great Chris that you were in business with such talent and they have made this happen! Plus they want to help others!

    Art by Karena

  3. Hey Chris,
    Thanks for posting this yesterday. These ladies seem like a great resource for young people, like myself, wanting to start their own business. Unfortunately, as a guy, I am not able to participate in the Contest, but I will definitely be tuning in to their website each week to hear what else they have to say. I hope they don’t mind a guy using their steller ideas to his advantage.
    Thanks again!

  4. The enthusiasm of these young ladies makes me wish I was young again. Success in a world of today is assured with the insight they deliver. Male or female makes no difference as time shows! Good luck, ladies.

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