Books and Covers

“What do you do?” I was asked last night at the GRID magazine launch party.

“Errr… copywriter and blogger,” I said.

“Huh! I wouldn’t have guessed that. I would have said ‘lawyer’.”

I was apparently “too well-dressed” to be a writer in a chalkstriped blue suit, white shirt, silver-blue woven tie and dark brown suede captoe oxfords.

Books and covers. We always judge. I am wearing a bowtie tied with Churchillian looseness today, a minicheck button down shirt and a brown glen check sportcoat. Much more “artsy.”

There were a few business men at the launch party, identified by the company names on the stick on name tags. I couldn’t tell what the rest of the crowd did. They were dressed down in t-shirts, polo shirts, jeans and khakis: the creative economy’s uniformed forces. They may have been business owners, writers, photographers, IT specialists… each as equally anonymous in his profession as I was in mine.

The funny thing is that I ran into a colleague of a friend of mine who mentioned that she had seen me the weekend before stocking up at Trader Joe’s for the Easter party. She was hesitant to approach me since she was dressed to go to the gym immediately following her errand.

I was in casual clothing that day.

And it wouldn’t have mattered to me one bit what she may have ben wearing.

Books and covers.

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