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An Easy and Elegant Appetizer

I love the idea of a passed appetizer, but rarely get around to doing more than arranging platters on a sideboard. Anything more is akin to having to swim upstream to use what I hope is an apt metaphor.

This past weekend we hosted a birthday dinner for our good friend Mr. W. . This appetizer was a big hit and there was enough of the salmon left over for me to use in a salad the next evening. It is extremely easy to prepare and is delicious, especially since I didn’t have to smoke the salmon thanks to the good people at The Yellow Umbrella, my local fishmonger.

The Easy and Elegant Life Smoked Salmon Canapés

Water crackers
Marscapone cheese (or cream cheese mixed with chives)
Fresh dill
(Cracked pepper and lemon juice optional.)

Spread the cracker with the cheese
Add a bit or smoked salmon
Garnish with a sprig of dill.
(If you’d like the pepper and lemon juice crack the pepper over the rounds and add a dash of lemon.)
Pass often.

7 thoughts on “An Easy and Elegant Appetizer

  1. Looks delicious! And I look forward to trying the Yellow Umbrella. Always good to have a recommendation when it comes to seafood.

  2. I have a similar appetizer. I use slices of cucumber instead of a cracker, and the cream cheese is piped out of a re-usable plastic pastry tube. They are always popular at parties, and as you mention, easy and foolproof.

  3. Thank you all. Eddie, nice to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by. Best to Jaithan.

    SwF, I’m using your version as a starter for a tax day dinner tonight! Thanks!

    Paula, amazing what a little glimmer will do for something so ordinary.

    Turling, the freshest fish needs little accompaniment, agreed.

    Lori H., you won’t be disappointed! Most of the time I just ask them to pick something out for me to cook that night. Fantastic.

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