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The Promised Land

I’m in need of a little cheering up today. I’ve got a couple of very, very close friends who have the blues and there’s precious little I can do but listen, offer a cocktail and a meal or two. Life does get messy. Cary Grant was married five times, but according to David Niven, he rushed into each completely confident that the latest would be the one. My point is that hope always trumps experience in the easy and elegant life.

So today, I am taking the time to return, at least virtually, to the promised land glimpsed during the early nineties; that place where Mrs. E. and I once left espadrille prints in the white sand beaches of St. Raphaël, and followed in the footsteps of F. Scott Fitzhemingway, the Murphys and others. Ours was not a lost generation. We had been found.

Like the voice over once instructed, “sit back, relax and enjoy the show.”

Many thanks to kind reader DAS, Jr. for passing this along. It is much appreciated.

5 thoughts on “The Promised Land

  1. “…hope always trumps experience in the easy and elegant life.” That is one of the best things I have ever read. An echo of all the great philosophies, really. When I am blue, I find that resorting to a childhood technique now works very well for me as an alleged adult. I just sit down and count my blessings. Works every time. Hang in there. This too shall pass.


  2. Take care Mr. E. Life, yes life is messy. Mr. Grant rushed into his marriages — that’s why he married so often.
    Supporting your friends in need will help all around; they will remember what you are doing for them.
    A song comes to mind “You’ve Got a Friend”…

  3. The video was completely engrossing. As a child of the 50’s, many of these images were real to me, but it was my parents who really lived in a great era I think–especially the 40’s and 50’s. I simply can’t get enthused about Brittany, TomKat, Branjelina, J. Depp, Mobama, or any of the other self-appointed ‘most incredible people.’ None of them have really earned their position with accomplishment, outstanding character, or talent. What have any of them actually done . . . other than be photographed and yak excessively?

  4. Iñigo! We wish we had been there with you. Maybe next year (we’re working on something…)

    All, thank you for your kind encouragement. Things have certainly taken a strange turn. On the heels of this post came an offer to author a style column for the magazine that featured me and a couple of other exciting things to be announced in the future.

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