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Spring For It.

Spring is officially here. The calendar says so, the cherry trees and forsythia in full bloom say so. My allergies say so. And during these first warm days of renewal, I’m always tempted to spring into action with a little colour added to my wardrobe. This morning, in advance of a parent-teacher conference, I was sorely tempted by a bright red and blue hare motif tie with the suit and shirt shown above. It’s not often I am tempted by a red or maroon tie, but today I was.

I resisted. It’s early in the season and I have time to unlimber the colourful and slightly eccentric in my wardrobe. The tie above is a woven maroon, dark blue, yellow and white number that is very serious. The shirt is a lighthearted one for a shirt with a contrast collar. The body is of light blue with white butcher’s stripes (at least I believe them to be that wide.) The suit is of an open weave like a fresco or hopsack. It lets each cooling breeze through and allows me to wear a dark blue suit under conditions that would otherwise warrant tan or lighter grey. I like the seriousness of a blue suit and my colouring (what is called high contrast) works well with one.

Forgive the goofy look as I am congratulating myself on resisting another spring temptation —  driving too fast. Yes, despite my allergies, I had the windows down and the sunroof open. I wasn’t alone. There were quite a few people on the road feeling their oats. But as the oldies soul music poured forth from the speakers, I felt that I owned the road. Why? It’s simple. Not a thing nor anyone could rush me.

There’s a reason luxury cars are heavy and large. They proceed more smoothly down the road. There is a reason that one desires a driver to worry about traffic and the road conditions. Chauffeurs even take courses to learn to stop a car without a jolt. The whole experience of being driven is meant to be one of enveloping calm. Whilst I have yet to realize my dream of having a car and driver at my disposal, I can proceed gently, calmly and cheerfully when I am behind the wheel. How very much more elegant than speed shifting through my six gears and weaving in and out of lanes.

It’s spring, there’s nothing else for it. Luxuriate in the weather a bit. Relish the languor of  a warm breeze. Relax on the road. And continue to dress with a bit of restraint during the week. We have time. Elegance is never hurried.

3 thoughts on “Spring For It.

  1. Richmond was in true Spring form last weekend! I drove around all my favorite places, top down and 40s music on, and even got a bit of sun on my face!

    I’ve been rushing the season a bit, too, pulling out the turquoise jewelry for a little spirit-lifting!

  2. I must say I am quite jealous. The raincoat post from a few days back proved to be more useful today. But, no ill feelings of course…I was just getting used to the idea of lounging on the lawn again.

  3. Quelle joie to watch you enjoying yourself so much. It brightens my day. I’m donning my new trench coat and heading to New York City for the weekend. And I simply refuse to be rushed.

    Votre amie de Washington,
    Valerie Young

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