Dear Writer’s Guild of America…

Or maybe I should write wardrobe? The stylists?

“What is she wearing?” Mrs. E. asked in disbelief as we caught up on “House, M.D.”. “She’s never had to sashay that much before.”

As far as I could tell, the Dean of Medicine was dressed for another day at the office in a very tight pencil skirt and an equally tight stretch blouse worn with four inch heels.

Things have changed since I was in the workforce…. I’m as red-blooded as the next guy, but the wardrobe here seemed to be stretching things a bit… pun intended.

Which brings me to the “good old days” which were never what they seemed to be.

So, dear scriptwriters, please give us a strong female lead who can dress appropriately, hold her liquor, out banter her male co-star and generally bedazzle with her wit and intelligence as well as her good looks. Someone who this woman would want to play.

Oh, right… “Murphy Brown.”

The times have a-changed. How weird.

Thus endeth the screed.

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