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Dear Writer’s Guild of America…

Or maybe I should write wardrobe? The stylists?

“What is she wearing?” Mrs. E. asked in disbelief as we caught up on “House, M.D.”. “She’s never had to sashay that much before.”

As far as I could tell, the Dean of Medicine was dressed for another day at the office in a very tight pencil skirt and an equally tight stretch blouse worn with four inch heels.

Things have changed since I was in the workforce…. I’m as red-blooded as the next guy, but the wardrobe here seemed to be stretching things a bit… pun intended.

Which brings me to the “good old days” which were never what they seemed to be.

So, dear scriptwriters, please give us a strong female lead who can dress appropriately, hold her liquor, out banter her male co-star and generally bedazzle with her wit and intelligence as well as her good looks. Someone who this woman would want to play.

Oh, right… “Murphy Brown.”

The times have a-changed. How weird.

Thus endeth the screed.

12 thoughts on “Dear Writer’s Guild of America…

  1. How about Mariska Hargitay (although then take a gander over at CSI Miami which is just short of a Girls Gone Wild video)? For another name I have to go back a ways: Katharine Hepburn, Barbara Stanwyck…

  2. All 5 seasons of Boston Legal feature CB in total fulfillment of the afore-dreamt state, in the role of Shirley Schmidt. Denny Crane.

  3. I admit it–I’ve never watched House, M.D.–but no comparison to the very and always stylish and classy Candace Bergen, at any age and that’s the long and short of it (her hair).

  4. I totally agree. I have seen some of the females in my office come to work in things that, in an earlier life, would have been kept for bedroom play. Lace dresses, mid-thigh and no back…maybe I’m getting old. What has happened to “women of class”?

  5. Personally I find this character demeaning to women and to men. The offerings on television, such as this is why I rarely watch it, and would much rather read blogs like Easy and Elegant Life!

    What are these writers thinking, and who are they trying to appeal to? Such a role model is insulting, not to mention this type of thing is so repetitious and dull…bump, grind, bump, grind, okay I’ve seen one episode, I’ve seen them all.

    At least in real life the inappropriate wardrobe selections and sex scandals hold some interest because they influence government, succession, and history. If I’m following a sex scandal, it is in a reputable paper, not a fictitious television program.

    You are right to draw attention to this. Often viewers accept such things without questioning them. And it is indeed highly questionable!

  6. I am not sure why it is demeaning to women to show that you can be smart, classy and sexy. Being an MD and French, we have a lot of doctors dress like that in France, and I am not sure what is disturbing about that. But then again, there is a huge cultural gap when it comes to dress code and “sex”.

  7. I have complained about her “work clothes” since the first episode of House. When I worked outside of our home I would have sent home any woman in the office who arrived for work dressed so revealing. And here I thought I was getting older and more conservative. Thank you for pointing out it isn’t just me who feels this way.

  8. Hasn’t it been over a decade that skin-tight clothes have been the ‘fashion’ for girls, young women, and women? Lycra has been the death of fashion and what used to be known as the ‘silhouette.’ Exhibitionism has become a daytime sport. Remember, these are the same women who as girls were entitled to ‘express themselves’ during their junior high/high school/college years and got to wear/say/do whatever they wanted without anyone saying a thing about it.

    But back to the lovely photo of CB above–can you get any details on that lovely satin trimmed cashmere twinset?? Please get us the 800 number!!!

  9. Isn’t it cool that a woman can achieve a level of success and still retain the ability to dress attractively?

    Okay, I would agree with the above to some extent – that it makes sense to reinforce one’s appearance can impact the perception one creates in others minds…

    However, I feel strongly that women shouldn’t be forced to hide themselves or adhere to some arbitrary standard (Lady Gaga OR some antiquated/nostalgic notion of femininity)… Let’s remember, if I look at you, I may judge you as looking “sexy”… Note, you may be in jeans and a t-shirt… Or a bikini, or a formal dress, or sweats and a tank top… Again, MY perception…

    Also, let’s remember viewers aren’t forced to “abide” by what the network shows… So far as I know, I still retain the right and ability to switch channels or even turn idiot box off… Just sayin’.

  10. Sorry for the late response. As a female physician who has been Chair of my Department and President of our medical staff, neither myself nor any of my female colleagues would dress that way if we wanted to be viewed as a serious professional. One could PERHAPS get away (and it would be pushing it) with one of the above mentioned items- perhaps killer heels with a conseravtive suit and blouse.

  11. Thanks DocP, and welcome. It’s always been my opinion that there’s a time and place for all sorts of clothing. Which is my primary objection to casual work places. But I suppose I can be a bit stodgy.

  12. It’s TV, it’s entrainment. If her character wants to wear four inch heels and a tight skirt and look good doing it, then who cares. As a man I enjoy seeing it.

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