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Casually Friday

Mrs. E. the children and I are going to a photo shoot today. The directive is to wear a dark top with jeans (or other trousers in my case.) I’ve been pondering what to wear. Most likely it will be my winter weekend staples of corduroy trousers and a cashmere turtle(roll)neck.

There is another alternative, of course, and that is wearing a scarf. This one is by Tootal, a fine old Mod brand. In truth, I was rushing out the door yesterday, exhausted, and simply grabbed a sweater and threw it over my t-shirt and a pair of (pleated) cords.  But, being neck forward, this look has always bothered me. The scarf, inspired by that man again, solves that dilemma. But it will garner looks. Under my tweed carcoat, buttoned to the neck, there is nothing that seems out-of-the-ordinary. But you will feel and look a whole lot better than you would not “dressing the neck.”

Consider a scarf on your way out to get a cup of coffee and the paper tomorrow morning.

(Finally, please forgive my unshaven state, it is in preparation for the photoshoot and will ensure a smooth and, hopefully, nick-free shave this morning.)

2 thoughts on “Casually Friday

  1. Scarf works really well, perfect combination of casual and considered – you look great !

  2. You wait till you see what I had to do with my brown polka dot Ralph scarf last night. Was on a date with LFG and had to remove it from my neck for her use. I’m gonna post it tomorrow.

    Great as always-you.

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