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April is Almost Upon Us

If you are a blogger, please don’t forget about April Food Day this year. Meg of Pigtown-Design and I are asking all bloggers who read us to post something about hunger on April 1st. As awful as it sounds, things haven’t gotten any better for too large a number of the population. Even the measliest dollar makes a big difference in this extraordinary program. Last year, we had more than 150 participants and we’d like to exceed that number this year. Feeding America gave us a special URL this year, so that we can track donations to their site.

This is an exceedingly easy and very elegant way to make a difference for our fellow human beings. Last year the site also added a link for the international food relief efforts. Please consider posting and/or making a donation. Tweet, post to Facebook and shout it from the rooftops. This one makes a difference.


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