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World Cancer Day.

From the folks at LIVESTRONG.

February 4 is World Cancer Day—a global day of awareness created by the International Union Against Cancer. With cancer set to become the #1 killer in the world this year, the day brings us together to highlight the growing personal and economic impact of the disease. On this day it’s critical that each organization—and each individual—share responsibility for sending a powerful message about cancer prevention.

Can I really make a difference?

Studies show that encouragement from someone close to you—your mom, your best friend, your co-worker in the next office—can have a decisive impact on your decision to take important actions for your health.

You could be the best advocate for your friends and family…if you’re willing to take two minutes and nudge them to a quick step to protect their health.


I can’t emphasize enough how important this simple action is—it’s up to us to push everyone we know to talk to their doctors, know their risks and know what to do about it. It’s so easy to do, but also so easy to forget. The LIVESTRONG community has always inspired others to fight back against cancer. World Cancer Day is no exception.

4 thoughts on “World Cancer Day.

  1. Nice post. My father passed about four years ago from colon cancer. The doctor’s told him if he had just come in a year earlier and chosen not to ignore his symptoms for so long, he would still be with us today. Go see your doctor.

  2. Mr. E, well said. In January I lost a friend to liver cancer. My father died of prostate cancer many years ago. There’s a blog TheFatCyclist — I started to read it not because I am cyclist but the posts about his wife who has since passed away from cancer. He writes very well about his life.

  3. Sorry–my last sentence was a bit awkward. I meant to say that he writes a good blog even if one is not interested in cycling.

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