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Denim Again, Maybe Not.

I recently saw “Being Mick: You Would If You Could.” I’m not sure I would. And that may lie at the heart of the matter when it comes to me and “my” jeans.

In fact, I’ve purchased a new pair. My family has been asked to be a part of a photo shoot that will adorn my eye doctor’s new offices. We were originally asked to wear dark tops and jeans. When I mentioned that I really didn’t wear jeans and didn’t have a pair that fit, the photographer graciously told me to “be myself.” Splendid! thought I. And then I decided to try and enter into the spirit of the thing.

Conclusion: I’m still not a big fan of jeans.

Jeans are too aggressive for me. Too bump and grind. I don’t understand the wrinkling/ruching/shirring/whiskering, and they feel terrible. But, for USD$28, Levi’s Authentic Signature Slim Straight dark rinse jean for Target seems a fair deal.

For the most part you will still find me in corduroy, moleskin, flannel or khaki on casual days. And at photo shoots with the family.

[UPDATE: fine suggestions all. Thank you. Yesterday’s riff on the jeans and jacket:

14 thoughts on “Denim Again, Maybe Not.

  1. Not a jeans man either. Besides the fit problem (sleek I ain’t) they just don’t fit a niche: khakis or moleskins for casual comfort, flannels when it gets cold, Carhartts for actually working in the yuck, synthetic zipoffs on the trail

  2. Hope this post means yours are well again. Interesting to see that comfort and confidence in ones clothing manifests an outward suggestion of “style” not only with “fashionable” wear – I think you’d probably look great in jeans if they made you happy, but the fact that they don’t registers from your face to your stance. Good on you for giving it the old college try, and perhaps more so for knowing what you want over the suggestions (or demands) of peers and marketers who tell you what you SHOULD want.

  3. Chris, darling, you don’t make friends in a day and you don’t get great jeans in a dressing room. Best to wear and wear and wear them and when they get to know you? Well, you will weep they day you have to throw them away.

    p.s. the site looks great.

  4. The site changed, yes? I am quite hungover, but I’m pretty sure it’s different. Nicely done.

    As far as jeans go, I’m with you. I own one pair. They are known as my painting jeans. I’m sure you can figure out what they are for.

  5. Those of you who don’t wear jeans have obviously never been to exotic places like Wyoming. Out there chords would be considered formal wear.

    Of course if we arent actually in Wyoming, do what works best for you. I agree, way to give it a try.
    Gap makes surprisingly comfortable jeans.

  6. Gentlemen . . . I don’t want to sound too cranky here, but:

    Everyone has to be able to wear jeans–unless one is just way, way hefty in the mid section and/or rear. And please don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. Regular, plain old blue, blue jeans–no dark wash, no ‘distressed’ looks, no ruching, no fancy pockets . . . just regular jeans. And please, do not iron them! Anything remotely close to a fashion jean is wrong, dorky, and probably too expensive. Gap, Levis, Ralph Lauren, even Wrangler will do fine, so long as you don’t veer off into any creative territory here. And no tight jeans on men–bad, bad, bad! Even tight on a woman’s backside past a certain age is unbecoming, no matter how wonderful her figure may be. What would Ralph Lauren do when he is roaming around one of his vast ranches out West? Would he iron his jeans? Would he be wearing a dark wash? Would they have acid stains or special details? No! So just tuck in your shirt, put on a very casual belt, wear casual shoes (unless going to a party, the city, etc.), and enjoy life in the jeans lane. 🙂

  7. That couch looks like it has seen better days. Also the best pair of jeans are the ones that have been lived in.

  8. Thanks all. I’ll live with ’em and see how they turn out.

    Anil, that couch is just hitting stride. Actually a signed piece and one of the better ones in the house! Leather, like jeans I gather, looks best with some mileage on it.

  9. Well, You do look great in Jeans, there are so may that are comfortable! You do have to be true to yourself, I love your other casual choices, khaki, cords, etc!


  10. You can wash them all day long but as Mrs Blandings pointed out, you’ve got to live in them a while.
    Now I no longer live in jeans day in day out as I did when the world was new and I was a teen. I do, however, keep a pair or two of cheap plain ole’ jeans in the wardrobe rotation.

  11. The new format looks great. Jeans, like peace — “give jeans a chance” — or not if you are that unhappy as you appear in today’s post. Wear with your tweeds or jacket of choice, sweater and/or shirt maybe, just saying maybe…or wear them during the next snowfall.
    Best wishes.

  12. you look utterly delicious in mustard and honey dijon. fitting since they’re food colors… i myself am very partial to warm earth tones. p.s. i very much appreciate your stance on jeans. it’s pretty refreshing. i’m patently anti-jeans and don’t own a single pair. in my opinion, jeans are only good if you need to go undercover and blend in with everybody else. blue trousers would have suited this look much better, but you’re still rockin’ it snappy.

  13. Jeans. Yeah, as a boy I wore them all the time. I’m no longer a boy and no longer wear them. I don’t even own any, though I will get a pair (or two) for camping and the like.

    Too bad that the only made in America jeans you can get anymore cost an arm and a leg. What happened to jeans as a basic consumer commodity?

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