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An Easy Alternative

I love my Belgian shoes. They are by far the most comfortable and stylish pairs of slippers available to man. But sometimes, just sometimes, I need something a bit more substantial. Substantial, but equally comfortable. Years ago I had a pair of shell cordovan pennys from B². Wore them every day for six years until I couldn’t even tape the resoled bits together again. It was an errant piece of glass that cut through the moc toe and most of my little toe that finally did them in. I looked for years for a replacement. Bass Weejuns® were OK. Never did get to the Aldens. They’re next on the list when I find a new bank to rob.

Finally I found a pair worthy of a second look … handsewn, welted, leather sole, no beef roll…. at Nordstrom in Pentagon City Mall, where I helped run the Britches of Georgetowne.

Easy and Elegant Life cannot recommend highly enough the Sebago Penny Loafer. Mine are the Cayman II in cordo brush off. They may be even more comfortable today than they were coming out of the box, and they were seriously comfortable out of the box. They look as good with flannels as they do jeans or khaki shorts.

For those of you more traditional than I, they also come in a Classic model with the kick off thingy on the heel strap and a beef roll.

Sometimes easy and elegant are right under your nose.

10 thoughts on “An Easy Alternative

  1. HAHA just yesterday I was browsing the net for a new penny loafer! Weejuns are now quite shoddy and I don’t see a point in giving several hundred to Alden for a casual shoe. Sebago it is then.

  2. Glad to have helped both of you. They are not shell cordovan as the Aldens are, be aware. But they are a very nice alternative and just keep getting better. They are the shoe that I leapt for when rushing to the hospital with Mrs. E. to have our daughter. I knew I’d be there for a couple of days. They’ve gotten better every year since.

  3. Dear Easy and Elegant Life,
    I have been searching for a while now for a pair of brown leather loafers with a small gold snaffle across the top – to match the equestrian style belt I have and also my dogs’ collars. Do you know where I could buy such a pair of shoes online??? Any help appreciated.

  4. I agree that Sebago penny loafers cannot be recommended highly enough. The look good on any age, from kids to seniors, and have a casual aspect that makes them easy to wear when others are dressed down. They are super comfortable from the first day of wearing them. They never change, and the heel and toe always stay the same. It is one shoe you will never regret buying, and you’ll have them until they wear out. They slip on so effortlessly, that you will never want to tie laces again! Absolutely my favourite shoe! Have a spare pair with rubber put onto the sole for rainy days. Have you seen them in beige or a light shade for summer?
    Square with Flair

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