A Wintery Mix

Tweed and waterproof cotton duck (I believe it is blended with microfibre) may make for the perfect casual coat, especially if the weather goes cold and wet. I suppose that’s why Ralph Lauren chose to call this the steamer coat. I can imagine myself on a crossing sauntering the deck in in tweed during good weather, braving the elements wearing the reversed side to get to the bar without the starch running out of my celluloid collar in bad.

This type of coat isn’t as iconic as the trench which, with its button in wool lining and collar, can be worn in inclement winter weather or during warmer months. No, my steamer is a winter coat through and through. Witness the bag of salt and beach towel on which to keep wet boots.

There is one available on eBay for about half price. Which is much more than I paid for mine.

Do you go in for  a longer coat during winter? Or are you more the jacket type? Ironically, I wore a Barbour quilted microfibre jacket for a winter’s walk and architectural tour of the neighborhood with, who else? The Architect. Jackets always seem to me to be made for faster locomotion. Driving, in particular, is ill suited to the longer coat. Not that that stops me from wearing one. But it does hamper the leg that works the clutch. While the jacket doesn’t cover a suit coat very well, downshifting onto the off-ramp isn’t much of an issue.

Barrymore doesn’t mind the jacket so much (A Coach number on loan from the Architect as the dog was shivering by the time we got to the rendezvous), but he is less than thrilled with long walks through icy puddles, black ice and snow drifts piled up by the trees on the sidewalk.

On the whole, he’d rather walk around the block and back into the house or at the very least onto a heated car seat. Easy enough to get in and out of a sportscar, in a jacket.

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