A Red Day

“It’s good to break out the tweed in winter.”

So says Jeremy “Mr. Classic” Hackett in an interview with Esquire UK. (Image via that article and cribbed without permission. There is no credit given, so let’s say © Esquire Magazine 2009. Let me know and I’ll remove it.)

I couldn’t agree more. But what struck me is the trouser. Reddish corduroy. And since it is St. Valentine’s Day this weekend…

Perhaps I should visit his barber though. Bit too Cocteau here.

I hope you’ve got good plans for the big night in question. I’ve found that nothing beats a romantic, candlelit dinner for two. Especially if it’s at home. Pull out the silver, china and all the rest of the stops. (Just think of what it would coast to go out to dinner!) Splurge on a good bottle of Champagne, a half dozen oysters, a lobster and some caviar, if you can. Don’t forget the flowers for the table. And, if you’re wondering what wine aside from Champagne, to serve alongside dinner, pick up a copy of  this book.

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