This Just In: 6th Annual Sartorial Excellence Announced

For a schedule and information about tickets, please visit the site.

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3 Responses to This Just In: 6th Annual Sartorial Excellence Announced

  1. ADG says:

    Are you going?

  2. I think it might be dangerous for me to go. And I have an anniversary celebration to attend Saturday evening.

  3. The architect says:

    Should I monogram both socks? Or would one do?

    You want to see some truly snazzy monogramed handkerchiefs? The Duke of Windsor had the finest; and he had a little crown monogramed over his intitials; Wallis used her WWW in a cypher. But you’ll need to get back your Southby’s catalogue to see them. And I’m not returning it for a long long time … maybe summer. Who can be sure?

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