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Paula on Paul

Alert reader Paula has emailed me to say that Paul Stuart is having their semi-annual sale. Even if you go just to look for inspiration, it’s worth a quick click. Nicely cut, a bit eccentric in detail… who could ask for more? Be sure to check out the Phineas Cole line, too.

2 thoughts on “Paula on Paul

  1. The prices are intimidating, but if you consider the life span of the garment, it seems less so. Although my husband has never purchased a suit or jacket there, he does have several sweaters, shirts, neckties, socks, gloves, belts, scarves, etc. Those items are not far off from other fine men’s labels. I launder his P. Stuart shirts and cashmere sweaters myself–never to the cleaners. The purchases he has made are mainly weekend & after-hours clothes and have lasted over 10 years! He has one P. Stuart cashmere sweater, at least 15 years old, and it is thick, gorgeous, and still going strong!

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