Grab a Partner

to denim.

I was rather inspired this past weekend when that old gang of mine got together at The Architect’s townhouse (aka “The Club“) for a casual supper. The Architect and Corporate Creature were both in attendance and wearing blue jeans that were a bit frayed at the heels.

Although I am not a fan, the way that they chose to dress up the dress down denim gave me reason to consider purchasing a pair. That’s the Architect’s Paul Stuart jacket and shirt in the photo above. Purple tweed! Playful, yet serious fabric! Likewise, Corp. Creature was wearing a houndstooth sport coat and cashmere crew neck over a button down collar. His shoes were chukkas in burnished chestnut leather.

Denim, it seems, has a natural ability to partner well with other hardy and luxurious materials, cashmere, tweed, suede, crocodile, and leather. The mixture of high and low plays together nicely. The morning after the night before I was awakened far too early by my son and decided to dig out the pair of jeans that lies among my gardening cords and frayed khakis. They don’t fit, but I had Mrs. E. snap a photo of me after playing a game of catch with our son in the library. Think of it as a wardrobe test, if anything.

Black, 2-ply cashmere v-neck sweater, poplin button down shirt, jeans, houndstooth socks and Belgian loafers. I doubt I’ll make it a habit, but with a little tweaking, it might work for a very casual outing, visiting the farmer’s market say. With tweaking and a Harris Tweed sport coat that is.

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