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Grab a Partner

to denim.

I was rather inspired this past weekend when that old gang of mine got together at The Architect’s townhouse (aka “The Club“) for a casual supper. The Architect and Corporate Creature were both in attendance and wearing blue jeans that were a bit frayed at the heels.

Although I am not a fan, the way that they chose to dress up the dress down denim gave me reason to consider purchasing a pair. That’s the Architect’s Paul Stuart jacket and shirt in the photo above. Purple tweed! Playful, yet serious fabric! Likewise, Corp. Creature was wearing a houndstooth sport coat and cashmere crew neck over a button down collar. His shoes were chukkas in burnished chestnut leather.

Denim, it seems, has a natural ability to partner well with other hardy and luxurious materials, cashmere, tweed, suede, crocodile, and leather. The mixture of high and low plays together nicely. The morning after the night before I was awakened far too early by my son and decided to dig out the pair of jeans that lies among my gardening cords and frayed khakis. They don’t fit, but I had Mrs. E. snap a photo of me after playing a game of catch with our son in the library. Think of it as a wardrobe test, if anything.

Black, 2-ply cashmere v-neck sweater, poplin button down shirt, jeans, houndstooth socks and Belgian loafers. I doubt I’ll make it a habit, but with a little tweaking, it might work for a very casual outing, visiting the farmer’s market say. With tweaking and a Harris Tweed sport coat that is.

17 thoughts on “Grab a Partner

  1. Dear easy&elegant first of all i want to say i love the name .Life might not always be easy but i try to keep it elegant .Just letting you know that your knowledge of style and fashion are greatly appreciated and it keeps me thinking outside the box .Always looking to check out your post keep it comming.

    27yr male richmond va

  2. Great look – I wear a similar kit on weekends in the fall/winter. Most times with a Barbour jacket and, if it’s cold enough, a scarf.

  3. Jeans…denim…cannot live without it. I think you should buy a few pairs and get busy. L.L. Bean makes a great pair…Lees and Wranglers…Levis….
    With cowboy boots, with loafers,with white bucks, with nearly anything. Try a fleece lined pair for Fall outing or a Football tailgate! Embrace the jeans my friend!

  4. Kit, thanks! A scarf with that neckline is key.

    Main Line, I’m working on it. I wore jeans through college. 501’s. But I was a bit thinner. Just a bit. Fleece lined anything I reserve for hunting. I just get far too warm. Silk long underwear… that’s the ticket. I’ll try and find some Levi’s that work. The Gap used to sell them I think.

  5. The purple tweed jacket is terrific. I’d wear that!

    I’d prefer to see you in jeans that are slightly slimmer, and of a considerably darker wash…they’re more elegant and go better with loafers and a dark sweater. Although I’m not the biggest fan of jeans for dressier functions, there are situations in which they are almost the norm and you don’t want to stick out and draw attention by being dramatically different from others you are with. Like the narrow tie, the low rise pant, the more fitted jacket, and other caprices of fashion, to some extent they must be followed or one risks looking like you’ve just awoken from a 15 year coma. And if one chooses not to follow the whims of fashion, do your purchasing at a time when lines are neither wide nor narrow!
    Square with Flair

  6. Handsome man in a handsome room; impressive, but not pretentious.

    Is that a grapefruit between your forearm and your thigh?

    Please tell me that piece of crystal on the lamp table is not an ashtray.

    You have a wonderful blog. I’ve read it for quite awhile. This is the first time I’ve ever commented. You have impeccable taste.

  7. I love Gunex jeans. Although some of their styles get a little trendy, they almost always cut one very simple, very basic style each season. Yes, they are expensive, but I wear them frequently so they are well worth it. Not sure if they are available in their men’s line. I like traditional jeans on men–nothing creative. Bill Blass once said (paraphrasing here) that if you are going to wear jeans, you better be thin. But I also saw photographs of him in jeans, and he didn’t qualify as ‘thin.’

  8. I must have 12 pair of jeans and I only wear one or two of them because the newer styles don’t fit THIS body. I take ADG’s advice and stick with 501s as they always fit, have a good rise, and look good with just about anything and get better with age.

    You look great in that rig though.

  9. SwF, very true. Those are the pair I will seek out.

    Paul, ADG knows wherefore he speaks. Thanks.

    Paula, I’ll look into Gunex for Mrs. E. She needs a new pair too.

    Abbie, thank you and welcome! That’s actually a kid’s rubber ball. My son and I were playing catch moments before. Yes, that is an ashtray made to hold a pipe. I don’t smoke anymore though I do have a good collection of pipes, a humidor, a silver cigarette box, ivory holders, that sort of thing. They’re beautiful in and of themselves.

  10. Good morning! Your neighbor’s outfit is great. I think that’s the key for casual, male or female. You look at ease (especially after a game of toss)
    in your well read/well lived library. BTW I like that your books are not “styled”. I like the lamp table, kind of 50s/60s.
    Best wishes

  11. Mr. E. — It just came to mind as I was reading Bg’s comment – some of us would love a tour of your home. Not to intrude, but it looks so comfortable and inviting.

  12. Wow, thanks. I didn’t know my comment would indeed invite us in. Thanks Paul. And much appreciation Mr. Elegantologist. Your home looks comfortable and stylish without being “decorated.” Best wishes.

  13. Beautiful home indeed! Love your office and your closet – and you gave me an idea on how to keep my shoe boxes in order. Thanks again – and we’ll be back for cocktails sometime! 😉

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