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An Entertaining Afternoon at Maymont Mansion in Store

My apologies for my silence, a sick son (asthma) had me in the ER yesterday morning and hopping today as we treat things with the nebulizer and try to keep the little house ape quiet.

Whilst I haven’t had too much time to scour the internet for the elegant, easy or whimsical, astute reader and the man-about-town behind The Weekly Rant, sent through the following (click through twice to see more):

Enjoy a lively talk by our special guest from England, artist Deborah Sears of Isis Ceramics, who will discuss her custom designs of dinner services and other decorative pieces for the stately homes of Great Britain, including Highgrove, Blenheim Palace and Chatsworth. Guests will also enjoy an exclusive preview of Maymont Mansion’s special exhibition, “Tea Time: A Gracious Interlude of Victorian Life.” Reservations required by March 3.

$20 per person (includes luncheon, lecture and tour).
Contact: 804 358-7166, ext. 329.

I’m off to make my reservations now.

Back in a bit with some musings on Merkin (thanks ADG), Cary Grant and Balzac, not necessarily in that order.

6 thoughts on “An Entertaining Afternoon at Maymont Mansion in Store

  1. Oh, many a trip to the er for my son who suffered the same ailment and dragging out the nebulizer. I feel for you and for your son. Nothing like a little “tea time” and talk of dinnerware that would not make me sit up and feel all better.

  2. Hope your son is on his way to recovery. Asthma is such a ghastly illness. I suffered from it when I was young but cold, damp Scottish weather finally cured my illness. But these days I get asthma very rarely when the weather is hot and humid but that never happen in Scotland.

    PS. I’m now going to find out The Weekly Rant!

  3. EE: I grew up with asthma as well – primarily allergy induced… While each case is different (I am an expert, as I play a Dr. on TV), my parents focused on teaching me how to relax as any tension seemed to aggravate my symptoms…

    The blessings of modern medicine and engaged parents…

    Hope he’s better.

  4. Thank you all. He’s doing much better and will be able to return to school on Monday. Not a day too soon as he is tremendously bored with us. We’ve all caught the bug that triggered his attack though.

    ExBanker, Me, too. Things are much better today with the nebulizer at home rather than the ER/ephedrine shot that I was accustomed to getting.

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