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See You Tomorrow.


19 thoughts on “See You Tomorrow.

  1. I’ll be saying a prayer for you, and I am sure this will be all right. At least it is the “new circle” and not the “old tube” MRI.


  2. I hope all goes well. You will be in my thoughts. The blog world continues to amaze me — how connected we become to people we’ve never met. Good luck. Susan

  3. Sending up a prayer for Mr. E’s lifelong good health . . . and so grateful we have a premier medical industry (slightly flawed the health insurance system may be) that accommodates American citizens in their hour of need. Let’s keep it that way!

  4. Remembering you in my prayers and thoughts. These things make us appreciate our loved ones and the good things in life, and to never take anything for granted. Looking forward to more of your wonderful posts. God bless you.
    Square with Flair

  5. Hello Dear Readers! So far, so good. This is the three month checkup after three years in remission (this time.) Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I know that they make a huge difference. No news is good news in my case, but I have at least a week to go before my case will get reviewed. Any time that I go into the hospital and they don’t strap me immediately to a gurney is a good visit, so I’m confident.

    A real joy to discover was that they’ve cut an hour out of the procedure! An hour can be a small luxury.

    Mr. Lane. That’s not “my” machine. Unfortunately. I still get tubed a bit. Not as bad as they used to be though. Or maybe that’s the sleep deprivation talking!.

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