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Ringing the Old Year Out and Swinging the New Year In.

If you’re not going to be here at the Manse on New Year’s Eve and are anywhere close to Washington, D.C., I cannot recommend highly enough Doc and Chou Chou’s show. There will be little to match it outside of a classic movie. They, the band, and an evening spent with them are not to be missed. Tell ’em Chris and Mrs. E. in Richmond sent you.


4 thoughts on “Ringing the Old Year Out and Swinging the New Year In.

  1. New Years’s Eve at the manse is indeed spectacular. Imagine drinking in the new year with Nick and Nora Charles back in 1940’s Manhatten. Even dog Asta is there (hoping against hope for a spilled morsel to eat): Champagne flutes are kept constantly filled with French bubbles or cocktails are sipped from vintage tumblers. Martinis, garnished with lemon peel slivers, are passed about. From the kitchen, perhaps miniature croque monseirs are offered while the dining room festal board groans holding mounds of cold rare beef, miniature rolls, local cheesees and bits of this and that to nibble. Robert Burn’s “Auld Lang Syne” magically fills the rooms at the stroke of 12 (played by bag piper’s who stroll about the guests. I counted six.)

    There might even be a stolen kiss or two …

    In a five hundred mile radious, there’s no other place to be on New Year’s Eve.

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