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Bart of Bart Boehlert’s Beautiful Things has tapped me as one of his favourites (thank you! To be nominated by a professional is honour indeed) and asked that I share ten random things about myself. For those of you who have been reading for awhile, these might not come as that much of a surprise and a few of you will feel vindicated, I’m sure.

On with the show.


1) My earliest memory is of the moon walk. We were stationed in the Canal Zone, Panama at the time and my parents returned from a movie, woke me and plunked me down in front of the cabinet sized television.


2) I was an Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Instructor for two years, when I was just out of college.

3) Mrs. E. is my second, and last, wife. Rarely have two people been better matched. Thank you JBT. (That’s my best man, CallMeAl, crossing in the background. I hope Mrs. E. doesn’t object to the twelve year old photo. I love it.)

4) Despite my blogging and other social networking, I’m bit shy and probably qualify as a “loner.” I count my close friends on one hand and will defend them to the death against all adversaries.

5) “But I love gatherings, isn’t it ironic?” Randal Graves, Clerks.


6) I think I’ve mentioned this before, I’ve been to West Africa, but not the West Coast of the United States.

7) I have been held at gunpoint three times. Twice in Africa. Once a block from my house.

8) I yearn to disembark from a seaplane, sail on the Queen Mary, travel aboard the Orient-Express and had high hopes for the Concorde (alas.) I also owned Pan-Am stock….

9) Starting at age 16, when asked what I would like for Christmas, I began answering a “gentleman’s gentleman and a Jaguar, please.” I have since learned that a vintage Rolls Royce can be had for less than I paid for my VW Jetta; although I would prefer a Bentley.

10) I’m almost finished with the Easy and Elegant Life book, which I hope to publish in 2010, and have a proposal to make for a coffee table book, too.

Now then, how about you

Kate Flaim, Girl Reporter
OH….. CK Dexter Haaaaven
ADG? Care to play?
Mon Avis, Mes Amis your header photo alone makes me want to know more.
The Daily Connoisseur. I hope all is well and when you get a chance…
Franki? If you’ve got a moment for us, we’d be fascinated.
LBT? Your brief bio on Admiral Cod should be the basis for a series of novels.

I’d ask Sir Basil Seal, but I doubt he’d have the slightest interest. I can’t even figure out how to leave a comment on his blog.

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10 Responses to Random Bits

  1. Oooo a book! How exciting! I hope you will give us all the chance to purchase it!

  2. armod says:

    as a new reader I’m thankful to have a better insight into who you are.

    look forward to the book.

  3. CashmereLibrarian says:

    Lovely photo of you and Ms. E. And I can’t wait for the book. Will you be so kind as to autograph a first edition for me?

  4. Thank you all. If all goes according to plan, I will offering the first run on EasyAndElegantLife.com. All happily inscribed with a personal message.

    Armod, I was tagged once or twice before and the answers were different. Search the blog and you’ll learn more than you really want to know…

  5. Sir Basil Seal says:

    My dear Mr. Elegant, Sir Basil always has at least the slightest interest, although 10 random items about Sir Basil will not exactly be a gripping read. Thank you for the tag, and I do apologize for your not being able to comment at my site. If I had any idea at all how it worked I’d give you a hand…I usually just keep pushing buttons until something happens…Might try that. Excellent blog by the way, it goes into the blog roll instanter. Looks like I’ll be spending a lot of time here playing catch up. I’ll add the book to the library as well…

  6. Doug In OK says:

    Looking forward to the book. Can you give us a hint a content?

  7. Sir Basil, thank you. And I disagree, just reading your insightful commentary hints at hidden depths. Looking forward to more.

    Doug in OK, it’ll be a distillation of what I’m trying to do here on the blog. At least the Easy and Elegant Life book will be. The coffee table book is something else, but let me get the pitch out first. Wish me luck.

  8. ELS says:

    Mr Elegant, you are too kind, and thank you. I did a ten things post recently – not sure how much else I can reveal without libel or arrest, but I will have a think.

    Hugely impressed at your book, though – please also put me down for a signed copy, you clever thing!


  9. The book is great news. It’s good to see the right people publishing. A new study of la vie elegante is an interesting prospect indeed.


  10. Welcome Mr. Alden and thank you. Coming from you that is high praise indeed.

    For those of you following this thread, please visit dresswithstyle.com and see how things should be done.

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