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Leftovers Again?

Christmas always finds me left with far too much good food. I’ve already made seafood scallop au gratin, shrimp salad on puff pastry and finally, last night’s supper: Soft boiled eggs with paddlefish caviar. Instead of the traditional toast point “soldiers”, I cut up and baked two leftover crêpes at 350ºF for 10 minutes until they were crunchy. I served the caviar with chopped onion, capers and a lemon wedge. A California Sauvignon Blanc went well enough, but a Blancs de Blancs Champagne or Alsatian Tokay would do nicely, too.

13 thoughts on “Leftovers Again?

  1. Tokay! Thanks for reminding me of this fine little gem of a wine–my father-in-law introduced me to this wine many years back. It was a favorite of his for after dinner sipping. We will make a special trip out to stock some.

    This post, along with our recent snowy weather, reminds me of a story: My in-laws had quite a nice wine cellar at their home many years back. During one particularly bad winter blizzard, the door to their wine cellar blew open and almost all of the corks were partially popped out of dozens of bottles. So it became ‘necessary’ to consume all of the wine very quickly before they turned. Reds, whites, sauternes, rose, Tokays, everything must go! It was like a giant liquidation sale! The gin survived just fine, however! All they had to do was brush the snow off of it.

  2. E,

    Like Daily Connoisseur, I, too, flinched at what I thought to be tortilla chips. To your credit, I immediately dismissed such a notion. Yet, to my own horror, I have to wonder at my own unrefined ignorance.

  3. Mr. and Mrs. Elegantologist and everyone at “The Manse”
    Best wishes for the New Year–perhaps leftovers at The Manse could be
    called – remains of the day.

  4. Bg, wish I’d thought of that! It’ll make the book though (attribution intact.)

    Yvonne, welcome and thank you very much!

    eA, I bet we could make it work. There are fish tacos after all. I’m sure we could dress them up with some lumpfish roe….

  5. Hi–thanks for the compliment. Do you need or do you have my full name for the proposed attribution? Fame is fleeting. LOL

    Best wishes always for good news at the doctors.

    You and your home are dressed in “holiday style”. Love the train set.
    (referring to most recent post)

    Barbara G

  6. such creativity in the kitchen and would expect nothing less — both the seafood scallop au gratin and shrimp salad on puff pastry sound delightful, but there’s nothing like a little caviar — happy new year, e!

    hope it’s off to a fantastic start,

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