It’s All Fun Until…

Someone has a camera go missing. Many apologies dear readers, I meant to have shown you a few photos of Keswick, the decorations, the cloth covered lamp plugs (an Easy and Elegant Life project if ever there was one), the crackling fireplaces, raw bar, the cocktail cuffs on my new shirt. Alas, for the first time ever, I mislaid my camera and it hadn’t turned up by checkout.

I wish I could report that the staff turned the place inside out to help us find it, but that wasn’t the case. Neither did the valet meet us when we drove up to the front door. A bellman eventually made his way outside to help. The exceptions to the generally lackluster, but extremely cheerful, service were the wait staff who were discreet, pleasant and efficient and the night front desk person, equally so. Had we been paying the full freight instead of a negotiated deal for the wedding party, there would have been a discussion with management to follow. Especially after the bride was sent on her own to try and locate a missing piece of luggage. Not to mention our slow draining tub. Ah well, we notice these things because Mrs. E. (who looked stunning even in a royal purple halter top dress; we danced all night) and I have been on both sides of good service — providing and receiving — at different times in our lives. Yes, I prefer the decor now, but service under the Laura Ashley brand was leaps and bounds better.

At any rate, off to Target to heft a few cameras and comparison shop Any good suggestions for a new camera? I was once the owner of — not long ago — of a Canon Powershot and thought it decent enough, if a bit bulky. Mrs. E. wants a digital SLR, but that would truly ruin the line of my suit.

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