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Easy’s Picks. The 2009 Easy and Elegant Life Holiday Gift Guide.

Well, here it is the 15th of the month already and the Easy and Elegant Life Holiday Gift Guide ought to give you an idea about my tastes. In this economy™, I’d like to give a little luxury, a little laughter and a lot of hope.

First the luxury. Staying under $100 isn’t the easiest thing to do when it comes to luxury goods, but I think that a 50″ x 60″ Cashmere Throw is just the thing to drape luxuriously around yourself when you’re watching a movie like “Julie & Julia” (which Mrs. E. and I cannot recommend highly enough.) Cashmere throw via Amazon.com @ USD$99.95

Slightly less and very entertaining would be an HD radio receiver, like this Sony component from Buy.com ($80 includes shipping.) Imagine digital sound — AM stations that sound like FM, FM stations that broadcast CD quality. No subscription fees, unlike satellite. Maybe I’d find more jazz coming across the airwaves?

Sony HD radio

That mid-range gift is often difficult to find how about a “beautiful vintage pair of hand made fancy pillowcases circa 1900s-1930s, with beautiful hand drawnthread work.” $45 available here. If you could, have them embroidered with a monogram. Starched, they are a joy to sleep on.


Finally, a wonderful gift under $25! The Complete Thin Man Collection via Amazon.com. These and the Jeeves and Wooster series starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie are our desert island DvDs. They never fail to amuse.

Complete Thin Man

Anyone care to jump in with a few ideas? Merry Christmas and best wishes for a very elegant New Year.

3 thoughts on “Easy’s Picks. The 2009 Easy and Elegant Life Holiday Gift Guide.

  1. How about the Hitchcock movies, I don’t know if they come in a set, I will check it out though, so many are great, and the cashmere throw, I would love it!!

  2. A favorite gift for the home that comes in under $70 is a Diptique candle. They are simply the best and their clear glass w/ black and white label suits an antique chest in the living room or a pewter tray in the kitchen, or looks pretty sitting on a glass shelf in the bathroom. I am partial to the Pomander for the months of December and January. Cypress is the perfect evergreen scent. Fig, Tuberose, and Lavendar are my other favorites. Oh, and Oranger is nice for the kitchen.

    For a more expensive gift for the men in my life (husband and son), I am choosing Sorel boots this Christmas. They have a handsome style with Bison leather uppers and their quality rubber sole and of course, the shearling or fleece lining with felt. Okay, I don’t describe clothes as well as Mr. E. I don’t know what the lining is, but it is good. Nor do I know the right names for shoe parts.

    For our daughter’s Christmas Eve birthday, a lovely sterling charm from Tiffany & Co. (their red and silver candy cane is youthful and cheerful) to add to her charm bracelet, which I gave her for h.s. graduation. It was mine as a girl and has my old charms on it. Now she is adding her own. Girls love charms and they are so collectible.

    And who doesn’t like a nice bottle of Cabernet? Homemade cookies rank high at our house, and don’t forget the dog!!! Ours is getting a new bed this year–he has one for every room of the house, but that is because his drool stains the rugs. So he has to sleep on his “little bed.”

    A DVD chronicling the Tea Party movement is a nice choice for those who have joined the revolution and runs about $20. 🙂

    My favorite aunt sends me a Kringle every year. Our family loves it–it arrived at my doorstep today! Yeah! We even eat it frozen, straight from the freezer!

    My husband always gets shotgun shells in his stocking. Know the guage, and if he doesn’t have one already, get a simple wooden box to store them in.

    One final suggestion–Lowe’s Hardware is selling a very good looking basket of fresh mixed greens with a couple of pieces of faux fruit and pinecones which have been tipped to look like snow. It is priced at $14.98, and it is a great looking thing! Could be combined with a carton of clementines for the parents, a neighbor, shut-ins, or a hostess gift.

    My tips: Keep it simple. Less is more. Go for quality and authenticity. Avoid artificial. Give what you would like to receive yourself. Wrap it pretty. Presentation is everything.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I’m wishing for vintage damask napkins with “B square” monogramed (in blue silk thread) on each napkin’s edge; so the laundry will not lose them.

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