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Easy and Elegant Life Holiday Gift Guide 09: The Errant Aesthete

Today’s Easy and Elegant Life gift guide comes from The Errant Aesthete whose very elegant blog never fails to inspire and provoke thought (and an internet search or two.) A nicely curated collection. Enjoy. (I’m torn between the Bialetti Tuttocrema and the Bloomsbury recordings….)

Classic Hotel Napkins $24 for six (monogramming is $6.50 extra for the set) at Pottery Barn, (888) 779-5176, potterybarn.com.
[ed: Mrs. E. gave me a set last year, in Mediterranean blue linen, and they are wonderful.]

For the literary set, BBC recordings (Bloomsbury Group)

Picture 14

For the thriftier souls, including myself, I just bought the Bialetti Tuttocrema, recommended by a Parisian friend, that I’m crazy about: (they may be out of stock – might want to check first) (approximately $40)


And this one at $49.50 sells the set (frother and cappuccino maker), which might be the better choice for your readers.


A final thought, again from the BBC, David Attenborough’s Planet Earth series (Approximately $30). (I tend to favor the well dressed and well spoken).

Dear readers, please feel free to send me your choices for little luxuries of USD$100, $50, 425 or less; I’ll be publishing them sporadically until the 23rd or so. Happy Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Easy and Elegant Life Holiday Gift Guide 09: The Errant Aesthete

  1. I can’t wait to hear the voices of the Bloomsberries!! Before this CD was released, one can only have access to their voices at the British Library. I remember listening to Virginia Woolf’s voice and fascinated by her distinctive pre-war vowels.

  2. Well I would have settled for any of the above but in fact your generous comment is the nicest present I’ve had so far. Really really kind, and I hope that all of the above end up in your stocking.

  3. Dear E,

    This so attests to the need for stylists and editors. You have turned out my haphazard choices with magnificence. It was as though I was seeing each for the first time.

    I continue to be enthralled with my double-filtered Bialetti Tuttocrema. Hope it finds its way to your stocking as I’m hoping the Bloomsbury recordings make their way to mine.

  4. EA, Heck, all I did was stick the photos with them. Your choices stand alone!

    ASD, that you managed to work the phrase “distinctive pre-war vowels” into your comment merits your receiving the CDs.

    Karena, looking forward to your thoughts!

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