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Dressing the Part for the Holidays

Talbott Shirt w Braces
(Image: The Trad.)

Running today and thinking about elegance vrs. “poshness” for lack of a better term (thanks P-D!) Tweedy isn’t necessarily elegant.

In the meantime, please visit The Trad for one of the best series I’ve seen on dressing for the more “formal” evenings during the holidays. I couldn’t have done it better myself.

5 thoughts on “Dressing the Part for the Holidays

  1. That’s Tintin’s rig — one of many — that he shot for Formal Week. Please check it out. I gathered a number of ideas. (Although it could’ve been mine. I was married in a Robert Talbott Protocol shirt and Limited Edition Trafalgar braces: “Midnight at the Ritz” I believe.)

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