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Dress Your Car for the Holidays


I remember seeing this sort of thing a lot as a boy growing up in Holland. Rarely do I see such displays here. Is it because grills are smaller than they used to be? In the Easy and Elegant Life’s alternate universe, Christmas wreaths would bedeck most front doors and most certainly hang from most hood ornaments, religious affiliations permitting.

Do, or can, you decorate your vehicle for the holidays?

12 thoughts on “Dress Your Car for the Holidays

  1. I see that quite often here in Southern California. I’m surprised I haven’t seen on already for this year.

  2. I think it’s illegal in western australia (where I used to live) so the thought hadn’t ever crossed my mind. in the northern hemisphere there shouldn’t be any reason not to as the air is cooler and blocking the radiator a small amount wouldn’t put your car in danger of overheating.

    I’m enjoying seeing the decorations as I drive around. perhaps I’ll hang a wreath on my car too

  3. I put a small wreath on the grill of my Land Rover. Augments the Yale, Vassar, National Trust, and Nantucket stickers…

  4. We put one on the SUV, but not on the cars. Might not be as popular now since most cars don’t have hood ornaments.

  5. Unfortunately, in our climate and when the snow is really piling up, our streets get so disgustingly murky that a pretty little evergreen wreath would end up with a crusty coating of a sand, gravel, and snow on it and barely be visible. Love the idea as long as the wreath is not an artificial one.

  6. Toad, agreed. But I hate to miss the opportunity to use the word “festooned.”

    Paula, an interesting point. I hadn’t thought about artificial vs. real wreathes.

    What does everyone use?

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