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C(‘s) Flat

31 Rue Cambon. We all know the address and have seen the photos. Here is the virtual tour, courtesy of NPR.org.

What I find interesting is that there is no bedroom in Ms. Chanel’s pied-á-terre; she walked the five minutes to a suite at The Ritz every evening and each morning. A commute we should all be fortunate enough to make. Click on the photo to be taken to the story.

7 thoughts on “C(‘s) Flat

  1. I am curious to know why she entered the Ritz Hotel through the back door every night. Any information on that? Her apartment appears to me to be meant as a backdrop for the clothing designs–nothing in this apartment would upstage the clothing. The neutrals and strong backdrop seems to serve as the evergreen landscape of a fine garden where the flowers are the real stars. I can see why she slept at the Ritz–the apartment is very tailored in an artsy French way, and doesn’t seem to be a good environment to sleep or wake up in. Perfect for socializing, working, and having great conversation with fascinating people. It is a bit of a residential stage. Great report & the first interesting thing I have heard from NPR in a decade!

  2. She was certainly an unique personality. I highly recommend the latest movie on her. Coco avant Chanel. It’s also insightful.

  3. I suppose one might walk to the Jefferson in Richmond for the same type of ritual….as long as the apartment was close by.

  4. Although this apartment has been covered numerous times over the years in newspaper and magazine articles, books, film, ad campaigns, there are always new points of interest and visual images to discover. The very clear photos of the apartment are likely the best I’ve ever seen. Her style was a sheer genius combination of the simple and the ornate, the luxe and the common, and readers will always look forward to any new material on Chanel. Thank you so much for drawing our attention to this interesting feature. That was a wonderful Christmas gift. Joyeux Noël!
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