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A Brief Tour of the Block (Behind the Manse…)

8 thoughts on “A Brief Tour of the Block (Behind the Manse…)

  1. Great pictures… I have always loved the second to last house the best. “The Castle” is what we call it, and I think it is arguably one of the most beautiful houses on Monument.

    Any chance that you went on the Monument Ave holiday house tour? I went with my parent’s when they were in town, and was shocked at the diversity of the homes, and how beautiful most of them were. It really made me miss living in the Fan (even though I was never on Monument….)

    P.S… I love the Cadillac as well, but I’m slightly more partial to the early 70’s Lincoln that he has. On the rare occasion that I see it, the end of Goodfella’s pops into my head, while I start humming the ending of “Layla”.

  2. What a great idea for a post. I’m inspired to take some night time photos of homes in my neighbourhood. Two of the photos would be greatly improved by tilting the axis slightly (takes a moment with Photoshop), but I know this is a very busy time. Lovely architecture. Beautiful doors, porches, columns and other exterior details. I note the prevalance of the tiny white lights rather than multi coloured. This is also the case in Europe. Thank you for the Christmas feature during the true Christmastide season. Merry Christmas, until Epiphany!
    Square with Flair

  3. Ah, Monument Ave- miss the Tacky Lights Tour and all that is Richmond- it’s been 10 years now in Sewickely(PA), and we just ate the last of the Buz n’Neds……great pics, and i enjoy your blog

  4. M. Lane and Reggie, I’ll let the owner know when we see him New Year’s.

    Mr. Hudson, Buzz ‘n Neds is within running distance from the house. I just sent my Mom home with take out!

    SWF, Christmastide. Something that much of the USA has forgotten. 12 days….

    George, I know the owner of the Caddie and the “castle” as well. Nice people who always make the effort to make us smile during the season. I prefer the Blair house or the Italianate across the street though…

  5. So glad I found your blog….better late than never….and I am having a marvelous time looking through some of your posts. Know these houses well….several friends (Joe H., Wyatt and Mason, George W and his wife….whose name escapes me…. and Walter and Mary Ann, etc.) live in them and Dear Husband and I used to live on Monument Avenue as well (in the Museum District). He was the token Monument Avenue/Museum District member on the Monument Avenue Preservation board and I was on the Historic Fan District and Monument Avenue Board, so we felt like Fan “adoptees!” Love that area, and miss being on Monument, but love where we are now, too! Cheers, Liz

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